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The Most Common and Frequently Asked Questions Asked To a Moving Company

We carefully wrap everything in your house with our moving blankets professionally andshrink wrap them as well. Then we unwrap them in at the destination end. We also have a particular type of specificrubberized floor runner which we lay throughout your home so that as we go in and out with our dollies, we are not damaging or dirtying your floors.

We move TV’s and Mirrors every single day of the week. We wrap your TV sets and vanity mirrors in our moving blankets and shrink wrap them nicely before carrying them out. We also are very cautious and careful by strapping them and then lay flat against the wall of the truck or in between the mattresses so that they stay protected and nothing can happen to them.

Yes, if you wanted us you to do that.We set up everything that we take apart.However, it gets better, since we bill hourly, we can set up anything even if you took it apart or had disassembled at an earlier date. However, you need to make sure that all the parts for each piece of furniture are provided to us, and the instructions or manual is provided or if the assembly is straight forward.

Yes, and NO. Dressers can get pretty heavy when it’s full.

We recommend the following: If we are moving an Ikea dresser or an old antiquedresser, then we suggest you empty them as the weight of the content can damage your furniture.

Also,pieces of jewelry and perfumes are recommended to be taken out from the dresser at all times to avoid damages or spilling if we had to tip the dressers over to lift them.

We have one of the most flexible modes of payments in the moving servicesindustry. We do accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Debit cards. Cash or Certified check from corporate organizations or government agencies are also accepted.

Yes, we do. Travel time is a standardcharge in the moving industry. This is to cover the cost of our movers and staff for their time when they show up for work, to the time they leave work at the end of the day. We chargea straight forward one hour of travel time for locations within the city, which ison a flat rate basis. Although sometimes, it may be only a 20-minutedrive, there are times construction delays, traffic, construction delays, and travel distance makes our charge for travel time exceed the one hour fee,but we stick to our one hour flat rate travel time. Please note that moving outside of the city of Edmonton may cost extra.

As a reputable and growing Edmonton moving company, we are pleased to let you know that you have nothing to worryabout.We are well insured with one of Canada’s largest insurance company,andour staffs are all protected with WCB – The Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta.

Yes, we are fully equipped and ready to do any office move or commercial moving services in Edmonton. We have moved out multiple office buildings (sometimes completing large office moves overnight) and now with 3 medium to large trucks in our fleets we have been able to execute large commercial moves successfully. We have lots of experience,andour reviews speak for itself. Call us at 780-218-5550 regarding office or commercial moving.

As Edmonton based company we have moved hundreds or families and businesses in and outside Edmonton and throughout Alberta.We recently acquired a brand new truck and are now able to long distance move outside of Edmonton. We can now go as far as British Colombia and Saskatchewan.

In our experience, we have witnessed that items are much safer if they are flat packed or disassembled. It will also save space inside the moving truck thereby making your moving experience a stress-free one. If you require your furniture to be dismantled and re-assembled by our pros, please let us know.

Our payment system is very flexible and straightforward. To make a deposit call in or email your credit card information to us and we will charge the agreed amount.

You can also pay after your move is complete as all our trucks come with a Mobile/portable POS machines.

We accept cash, debit cards,all the commonly accepted major credit cards, corporate or government certified cheque.

At Helping Hands Family Movers, we don’t DOUBLELOAD your items with other people’s goods/properties. Your itemsstay in the same truck and will be offloaded carefully from the same vehicle.

Depending on the circumstance at least one week notice is required to ensure that a spot is reserved for you.

If you are moving from a house or office two weeks is ideal for giving both parties time to prepare adequately.

As a family owned and operated moving company, we have grown tremendously through integrity, openness,andwhite glove services.

We are the only moving company in Edmonton that has its moving prices listed on the web which should show that we are straightforward and transparent.

Again many factors can influence the outcome of a move. Access, distance,and preparation play a significant role here. Please contact us for our average times based on a particular move.

We definitely will love to hear from you. Helping Hands Family Movers Inc. specializes in moving and delivery of commercial and residential items. Contact our office to discuss your delivery needs with our moving specialist.

All our local or short distance movesare billed hourly. Long distance moving servicefrom 500 km or more ischarged by weight.

We will be happy to discuss your move with yourself, your employer or the government agencies. We also serve those on disability and assisted conditions, such as:

After your move, we can send an invoice to whoever needs to receive it.
Please call us at 780-218-5550 us to discuss your moving requirement.

We would highly recommend that you or a representative be present during your move. The benefit of supervising your move is to avoid surprises and to have clarity. This is especially pertinent when the truck is getting loaded. Also, you are likely going to realize that there are unique items you might want to transport yourself.

Our moving quotesare based on our clients packing theirownitems and making necessary preparations before the moving date. However, if you require packing services,please discuss with our moving specialist,and she will be more than willing to help.

This is not a problem at all. We do provide a moving and storage solution if required. Juststate the duration of the storagein our online quote form in the special requirement section, and we will make all arrangements can for a smooth transition.

We handle fragile items like TV’s and mirrors every day. You don’t have to lose breath over the safety of your TV. We have developed a unique techniqueon how to wrap and transport them safely. Our professional movers got you covered.

Yes, you sure may. You can assist your movers by carrying the lighter items to the truck or as the movers instructed. Just be careful about your safety. Helping the movers makes a movefaster and in turn, saves you money.

Get your move where you want it, Use Mover.

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