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Condo & Apartment Moving Services Edmonton

Moving is a big job. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating your office, warehouse, house or moving to or from an apartment or condo. There’s a lot that goes into any move. In other words, it’s a big endeavour. You need adequate transportation and help with the heavy lifting as well as the packing. At Helping Hand Family Movers we are professional condo and apartment movers. Our team with speed and care to relocate your belongings in a timely fashion.

Moving usually needs to be completed within a small and specific time frame. Therefore, it’s important that you plan accordingly. Because the last thing you want is to be stuck in an apartment that’s been promised to a new tenant. You can count on Helping Hands Family Movers’ condo and apartment movers to complete your moving service on time – every time.

We have all of the necessary tools, transportation, quality packing boxes and professional insight to provide a seamless moving experience. Additionally, we always deliver excellent customer service from start to finish – because your satisfaction is our priority.


2 Men + Truck $145


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4 Men+ Truck $225

Cheap Condo Movers in Edmonton

Helping Hands Family Movers have completed countless relocation services over the years. And we’ve learned that no single move is the same. Retrospectively, it is no wonder! In other words, people live different lives. So they acquire possessions that suit their needs. Meaning, what they need from a moving service will be different to the next person. Which is why Helping Hands Family Movers has designed our moving services to suit your needs and work with your budget.

Furthermore, our cheap condo movers are extremely affordable for the quality services they provide. We get it. You’ve just spent a bunch of money on your needed condo. So spending a lot of money on moving services is something that needs to be avoided. So get all of the benefits from quality moving service at an affordable rate with our cheap condo movers.

You can trust our cheap condo movers to handle your belongings with speed and care. Most importantly, we understand that we aren’t simply relocating things – we’re moving your life. And we take that seriously. So if you have anything that requires special care, just let us know! Ultimately, it’s our pleasure to accommodate your needs.

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Same Day Condo Movers

Sometimes you just don’t have time for careful planning. However, that doesn’t mean you need to carelessly rush into moving without a plan. With our same day condo movers, we’ll complete your move quickly and effectively.

Our same day condo movers will show up as soon as possible with everything from quality packing boxes to proper transportation. Our team will take a systematic approach – clearing your apartment or condo one room at a time. So we won’t forget anything!

Our same day condo movers will pack all of your smaller items into our quality packing boxes. This will keep them safe and organized. Using dollies and lifting straps, we will load all of your appliances and furniture into our truck. Next, we will strategically place everything in the truck. Our same day condo movers will strap everything down and cover anything that’s exposed with protective blankets.

Helping Hand Family Movers always goes the extra mile for your satisfaction!

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